Wednesday, April 30, 2008


This morning I awoke to the sound of the sea and to the sun breaking over the hills. 
Yesterday, while dining at Cafe Bahia we were advised to go snorkeling with Mimi's husband Rojelio or Rollilio or something.  At the time we only knew him as Gordo, fat, which he wasn't.  He was a little guy with a handsome mullet and an even handsomer mustache. 
I got up just a bit before Emma and made us some breakfast that consisted of banana, mango, banana bread fresh from the Maira's bakery, some fish fajitas and ceviche, also from Maira's restaurant.  After satisfying our tummy's we made our way down to Isabel's beach where we had made plans to meet with 'Gordo' in his boat and to go out snorkeling.
It was about a 45 min. boat ride out to Las Tres Marietas Islands.  Along the way we saw about a dozen or so fifteen foot manta rays doing their mating rituals, a giant sea turtle doing exactly what you'd expect a giant sea turtle to be doing, nothing, and dolphins and numerous fish.  
When we arrived at the islands the first thing we noticed were the Blue Footed Boobies.  Actually, we noticed their smell first, poop.  And then we noticed the gull looking birds with bright blue feet.  We putted around in the boat for a bit before we actually pulled up to a nice spot to hop in the water an see some fish.  The water was a bit murky but we got to see several different kinds of colorful fish.  We swam around the edge of the island for a bit before deciding it was time to explore a bit further.  There was a cave that lead to a private little beach.  Swimming through the dark waters kinda had me spooked, especially after seeing whatever those long, sharp, black fish were at the bottom that were snapping up other smaller fish.  I even saw fish parts floating nearby.  We hung out on the beach for a bit before going back in the water.  Everyone was in a rush to get to the other side of the cave.  Not me, I stuck with Gordo.  We dove down to the floor and there, in the shadows were giant red snapper.  There were three or four of them.   Some almost as big as my torso.  
The rest of the trip went just like this: swim/snorkel, beach/shell hunt, swim/beach, eat ceviche (amazing by the way) and then more swimming and hanging out in the sun and water.  It was a perfect little trip.  
We left at around 9:00 a.m. and returned just after 3:00 p.m.  A good day for sure.

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