Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tattoo and Operation

While my girlfriend and I were in the US Virgin Islands I decided to get a tattoo. We climbed a rope ladder into this tree house tattoo parlor where we were greeted by a tan, tatted up, bleach blond guy who reminded me of that guy in the tattoo parlor in the movie Son In Law, I think it was Flea. Anyway, I am here getting a tattoo for my dearest best friend Becky who recently passed so I want it to be something great. I tell the guy I want it on my right shoulder blade (not really a spot I'd ever want a tattoo) and lay down and let him do his work. I must have passed out because I don't remember the rest of the night.
I woke up in the morning, or early afternoon, to an empty house. I figure everyone is probably at the Tiki Bar down the beach so that is where I head. When I arrive Emma is swimming with a few of her girl friends and others are lounging around. I take of my shirt and slip into one of the half submerged booths near the bar and order a beer. Behind me I hear everyone chuckling. I turn only to find that they are pointing and laughing at me, at my new tattoo. I realize that I fell asleep during the process and that I haven't actually seen my tattoo. I swing my head around to try to get a good look. There, sitting at the top of my shoulder is a head. I recognize the head but can't figure out how. I run over to one of the mirrors and that's when I see it in all its glory. The whole right side of my back is covered by this cartoon-y looking figure. And then it hits me. i've seen this guy before, from when I was a child. I have the goofy looking guy for the game Operation tattooed on my back.
I throw on a t-shirt, or try to at least, being wet isn't helping. Make my way over to Emma so that we can go home. She slithers out from under my arm and pushes me away and tells me I'm embarrassing her. Man, even my girlfriend doesn't want to be seen in public with me. She tells me that she still loves me but that maybe we shouldn't be seen together.
This tattoo has ruined me....I woke up this morning more stressed out than when I went to bed.

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Sophia said...

hey james, is this a true story? not a dream? how could someone do that to you? i really don't understand.

ps. how do people become friends on this blogger? I just started blogging..