Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My weekend in Jenner

Weekend of the 15th-18th of February 2008

Evening Arrival
Ha!!! Looking over these last couple of pages is pretty funny (there are menu's on the previous pages of my journal). Emma and I stocked up for our trip to Jenner with a trunk full of groceries specifically tailored to the menu's I had made. Some how we've managed to use almost none of it and still stay completely stuffed, filled to the brim. It was an amazing weekend away. An extremely lazy weekend away.
We arrived on Friday evening around 11:30 pm. Highlights of the drive were....well, I guess there were no highlights to the drive unless you count me peeing in the middle of nowhere a highlight. It was really nice to pee off into the darkness off of High way 1.
We arrived, stocked the fridge snacking the whole time, and went up stairs. We prepared the couch for two, threw on an episode of Magnum P.I. (the "Lest we forget" episode about Magnum trying to find a soldiers whore ((she really was a whore)) wife) and passed out halfway through the episode.

We, and by we I mean I, were awakened by an alarm going off somewhere in the house. Hazily, I stumbled out of bed, visions of a fire or some expensive electronic device going haywire or any one of the paranoia's I get when using someone else's property much less their house. After pounding on various clocks, phones and other unrecognizable devices I finally found the screeching object. It was an electronic box with a digital/touch screen that seemed to display everything from the time to the air pressure to the wind direction. Press, press, press. I hit several buttons, completely changing the display face, until finally I hit the button that makes it stop screaming at me. Back to bed. It's only 8:00 am.

Saturday morning by bullets
-Emma gets up=whole bed to myself (it was a California King=HUGE)
-Granola and Yogurt on the porch.
-Green grass.
-Amazing views of the Pacific Ocean.
-Eating breakfast on the porch in a rocking chair next to Emma with the sun on our faces and the rolling hills and ocean as our backdrop.
The afternoon was spent exploring with Buddy, Emma's 500 pound black lab. We sat in the grass and played fetch and took walks and naps and listened to music and cooked and read and enjoyed each others company. Later that afternoon we decided to take a drive down to the beach that the house overlooked. It was an amazing little cove. We parked the car and I immediately grabbed Buddy's ball and took off running down the trail. Buddy was in hot pursuit. Buddy and I would stop and rest (it was a long trail) and wait for Emma and then we would start running again and then stop. Running the last leg of the trial was especially fun because there were roots and fallen trees to jump on. Buddy, even with his bum hip kept up with me and at the end of the trail when I jumped up onto a big tree he was right by my side. Buddy and I became much better friends that day. I could see that he trusted me a lot more. Emma has a video of the chase.
There was a river meandering down the beach that had to be crossed. I found some shallow spots and made it across reletively dry. Emma, with her short stack legs, had to take off her shoes and splash her way....I probably should've carried her...oops.
What a wonderful day at the beach. Activities were basically running from one end to the other, chasing Buddy, being chased by Buddy, playing fetch, climbing rocks, hiding, teasing Buddy, taking lots of pictures and then, eventually making friends with the late arrivals who were planning to camp on the beach that night.
Back to the house to try to stuff our faces some more, hot tub it up and eventually watch some more Magnum and cuddle until we dozed off.

I'll spare you all the adorable details and just give you the jist....again, in bullets.
-More Cuddles.
-Long, hot showers...with a view, thats right, a shower with a view.
-Walking with Buddy in the fog.
-Talking with Buddy.
-Trying to teach Emma how to knee and kick and punch.
-Singing for a whole conversations to the tune of 'On top of spaghetti"
-And of coarse, more cuddles.

Favorite meal of the weekend....
prosciutto, sliced veggies, olive bread and hummus dip, and assorted fruits and cheeses.

Pictures to come.