Tuesday, September 18, 2007

My latest

This summer was the first in five or six years that hasn't taken place mostly on, in, or around water. It has been the first in as long that I haven't spent in temperatures well above 100 degrees. It has been the first summer in six years that I have had to wear more than a pair of shorts and the occasional pair of flip flops/chaco's. The first summer where a majority of my time was spent fully clothed and indoors.....on land.
This being the case you can imagine my craving for the water, in fact, I believe I have written about it on here a few times. I have decided that my next water education adventure will be to take on the task of learning to sail. I have been researching schools around the Bay Area and have narrowed it down to just a couple. I am hoping that I can begin this adventure before winter settles in. I hear the sea is actually quite pleasant and forgiving this time of year.
I am also lucky enough to work in an office that has two women who have been sailing for as many years as I am old. I am so looking forward to this next experience and hope that time (if I have to wait until next spring) doesn't fizzle my enthusiasm.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

just buy a kiddie pool, fill it up, and hang out in it on the corner of van ness and geary all day. that should be pretty adventurous.

Jamesy-Cakes said...

Calculated risks, logan. Your idea of adventure is just too scary.