Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Leaving things at girls houses.

For all those girls out there reading my blog (that means my sister, maybe, Britt, probably not, Mom, doubt it, I think that's all of them, well, and any others of you who happen to stumble upon this post) you should all be making more of an effort to hang out with my girl friend Emma. You might learn a thing or two. Like if you want to make a boy/me melt then drop off his/my cell phone, that he/I accidentally left at your house, at his/my place of work in a paper bag with a banana, an apple, some chocolate, and a nice card and poof, your dating a puddle of a boy.

The moral of the story is....well, l guess it's more of a brag than anything...I HAVE THE BEST GIRL FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD...

Suck on that.

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