Thursday, September 20, 2007

In shame...

I need to stop secretly eating all of my girlfriends (is that one word or two??) ice cream. It makes me sad and slow and it isn't helping my flexibility at all. I also need to eat more fruits and vegetables. There really is nothing like an iced pine apple, or an apple from the bottom drawer of the refrigerator, and cold grapes or blue/black/raspberries, don't even get me started.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

it's definitely one word. as it stands right now you are saying:

"I need to stop eating all of my girl friends..."

with "ice cream" as a non-sequitur. essentially you're confessing to canibalism.

which makes sense.


because you spent time in new zealand and they're a bunch of heathens.

i've seen deadalive.

Jamesy-Cakes said...

Fiji fool.

Yes, I eat people.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

same thing.

John Sakkis said...

ahhh, how cute...logan is your biggest fan.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

and you're my biggest fan, john.

thanks for the support.