Monday, December 11, 2006

Pat and Loreli

Up to Nakavika this morning. Pat and Loreli were on the trip. I was really excited to share the village with them. I have become so attached and proud and in love with this village. I really hope that enthusiasm doesn't come off as know it all-y.
At Savusavu Nikola, Petero's son, came and sat on my lap. I love the Nakavika kids, especially Serasio. When you pick him up he just latches on. If you try to put him down he latches even harder, wrapping his legs around my waist and his arms around my neck, refusing to get down. This Masons cheesy or pretentious, but I can see how being an adoptive parent can really eliminate the fact that you and child are not biologically related. You don't need to be. There is just something about that boy, I feel very strongly connected to him, even protective.
About the trip...I photo kayaked. Trip was standard.
Post trip...Pat and Loreli, Ryan and Shiloh and I went to Oasis for dinner. News was being blasted. Today at 6:00pm Commander Bainarama (Bananarama) has assumed all control over the Fijian Government. He has removed Prime Minister Qurase, surrounding his house and putting him on house arrest. He is also removing several Cabinet members.

The military has taken control of the country...

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