Sunday, December 10, 2006

The End of Guide School (13. nov.2006)

With guide school now behind me I'm looking forward to getting some free time. I can't wait to get my Open Water certification.

Today we had our post guide school BBQ. It was over cast. But I was still sweating like a pig and ate like one too. Our location, just down the beach from the Pearl Resort. Our food, lamb, sausage, salad, steak...all the BBQ regulars.

After Taki'ing beer (this is where everyone drinks out of the same small glass, like doing extra large beer shots) and Kava I ended up befriending these scraggly dogs. Their smell was barely tolerable, they were wet and sandy. I didn't mind so much. Although I did feel kinda weirdly obscene rubbing their bellies with their huge saggy nipples. I soon walked a short distance out of sight and proceeded to fall asleep on the beach. I awoke about an hour later and looked around and there were the dogs, like they were watching out for me. For some reason Fiji is the most exhausting place I've ever been. I am constantly tired.

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