Thursday, September 16, 2010


Last night I woke up to a raccoon scrambling under the covers on my bed. I wasn't sure what to make of it until it maliciously grazed my shoulder. I jumped to my knees and began to collect all of the bedding around it trying to wrap it up and trap it so I could throw it out the window. Just as I was getting ahold of the little runt I looked up to see another raccoon crouched on my night stand watching me. I checked to see if I had left my window open when I noticed his left eye was glowing off and on. This was a cyborg raccoon sent to end me. I wrestled the one in my hands down until it was motionless. I slowly lifted the covers to take a peek at my kill. What I found caused me to look around embarrassed. It was just a pillow. And the glowing eye, my laptop. Pissed, I collapsed back onto my bed. I hate nights where I act out my dreams.

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Anonymous said...

You have the most vivid dreams, and I really think you should copy all of these that you write about and keep a dream journal. Think about it as your writing is so descriptive. Love, Mombo