Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I got it! I'm in! I got into the class i need, Fire Science 50, Intro to Fire Science.

Today I've got to go to the Valencia campus and buy the book for Fire Science 51A and catch up on the chapters I've missed. I've already missed one exam because the bookstore ran out of books. I don't want to miss the exam on wednesday too.
Then I'm gonna go to training, hit the bags, do a little work out and then home. I've got anatomy class tonight. We're still doing the chemistry part of the class. I hate that part. I can't wait to get past it.

I had a dream about camp last night. I think I'm gonna try to go and volunteer in the kitchen this year.

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Anonymous said...

Hey James....that's really great as we all know you have been anxious about getting into that fire science class. Don't worry as I know you'll catch up as you have great perserverance. Love, Mombo....good job!