Sunday, February 28, 2010


Well, I've done it. I've moved back to concord. I don't have a bed in my room. I sleep on a mat on the floor. I have a dresser, a book shelf, two small night stands, one of which belonged to my Pappou, and a couch. It's cozy, but most importantly it's compact and efficient. Don't get me wrong, I have boxes and boxes in the garage but for now I don't need any of that stuff. If I sit just right all I can see out my window are the tips of the trees and Mt. Diablo off in the distance. There is the constant sound of children in the streets and Greek music from my father's office. The house either smells of olive oil and herbs or of lady perfumes and lotions. Things are going to be alright here.

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Anonymous said...

Welcome home! Love, Mombo