Friday, February 19, 2010


I move back in with my parents on the 28th. All things considered, it's the smart move. Wish me luck.

I'm an eater. If there is food I will eat it. If I get bored, I eat. If I'm procrastinating, I eat. If I'm stressed, I eat. I'm trying to break this habit. Moving back in with the parents presents some new obstacles, fortunately it also presents some new solutions. Yesterday for instance, when I grew bored of the tele, instead of heading to the kitchen I decided to go have a look around the outside of the house. I never expected to end up where I did; on a ladder with a scoop cleaning out the gutters on the rear (C side) of the house. I've never cleaned gutters before but there's a first for everything. Next time I go home I'll do the front and sides.

I'm also an organizer. Last night I sat in the garage at my parents house for about two hours or so. I had a couple beers and mentally sorted through all the stuff that my family has carried from house to house. There is some serious work that needs to be done in there. I'm pretty excited about this. We'll see how it goes. My dad, for some reason has a hard time letting go of things.


Joann Winton said...

It's great you're finding alternative ways to remedy your boredom and turn it into something productive instead. It's a good thing you attended to the gutters, since they do need regular maintenance even if most people don't regularly clean their gutters.

AJC Roofing

Kent Ahlquist said...

Joann is right. You should use your leisure times in doing something productive rather than indulging yourself into boredom. I can't imagine how you managed to clean the gutters for the first time. Is it a scary or a thrilling experience? Hehe! How are you now? I bet you've cleaned the gutter many times now. :)