Wednesday, November 25, 2009


yesterday while riding home from work i was assaulted by three thugs in a car. i was riding west on mission from 2nd street. yes, i was taking up the lane as that is my right as a vehicle. at around eighth street i hear a few honks behind me. nothing too aggressive, just little beeps. i'm looking at the parked cars ahead of me and there are a few with people just sitting in the driver seat. i don't want one of them to open and door me so i continue taking the lane. mind you, the other lane is clear so they could go around me if they wanted. instead they decided to gun it and swerve into me almost pinching me off in between them and a parked car. they also almost hit the car. they yelled out "get out of the road, faggot." and i heard one of them spit at me and a car door open. not sure why he opened the door as they were moving and he couldn't jump out. maybe he wanted to hit me with it. i tell them to fuck off and proceed to ride to the front of the line at the next red light.
at tenth street i take a right so i can meet back up with market and continue riding west towards lower haight. i turn around and see two cars make that same right. these guys are the second one. they screech around the first car and start revving/gunning it behind me and then braking just shy of hitting me. i sped up and too an illegal left on market. i again turn around and see them taking a right and then quickly pull an illegal u-turn to follow me. i ride across van ness and pull over hoping they would to and that i could get my hands on them. but instead as i'm about to get off my bike a bunch of trash comes flying my way but misses and then a full, but open, coke can flies in between my arms and my stomach. they yell 'faggot' again and then speed off and veer right up page street, running the red light and almost getting into a head on collision with all the cars turning left from market onto franklin. there's a whole lot of screeching and honking as cars narrowly stopped in time.
I'm steaming by this time so i take off after them but i have to wait for all the cars to turn left before i can proceed. i see they're left blinker on. so i plan to meet up with them at market and gough. again i get a red light and they speed through the intersection screaming 'faggot' and flipping me off. i continue to chase them into the mission but quickly lose them. at the very least i wanted to get their license plate and report an assault and a hate crime. i'm not gay but i'm pretty sure that attacking someone because 1: they're on a bike, and 2: calling them a 'faggot' while doing so would be considered a hate crime. anyway. i believe they were in an older model black mercedes. i never caught up and i never got the plate.


giuliana said...

jeeeeesus! im glad youre okay.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

Man, you need to be careful with that shit. People (thugs) carry guns and shoot people in instances just like this.

Wait, that's here in Chicago, not San Francisco. Forgot. Nevermind. Chase down those thugs and show them what's what!

Anonymous said...

James, was this a bad dream or really true? That scares me so much. Be careful and don't chase after people like that as they will shoot you probably. Please, please be SMART and just get mad, but ignore these awful people. Mombo

Anonymous said...
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