Wednesday, August 5, 2009

clark little

last wednesday i get a call from dempsey with his usual 'are you busy?'. now dempsey's a real good guy, lots of energy and very, very active. a real go getter. truth be told, sometimes i just don't have the energy. so i get his call as i'm sitting down with pat getting ready to watch some tv. i'd just eaten dinner and was ready for a real mellow night so when i answered his question with a 'nothing' i was already digging for excuses why i couldn't go for a run or an epic bike ride or some other adventure i'd normally be up for had it not been 7 o'clock on a wednesday. well, the gist of it is that he told me to saddle up cause we're going to a photo slide show presentation at the park chalet.
not ten minutes later dempsey pulls up in his trusty, rusty red toyota. pat and i hop in and we're off toward the beach. unlike our neighborhood it's way cold and damp out near the beach. luckily we knew the bartender and we each drank around 30 bones worth of beer for around 8 bucks each. not bad, plus, it took the sting out of the air. we ended up sitting around, getting drunk and eating pizzas until the show started. to be honest, surf photography is usually pretty boring. however the show we sat down to was anything but. below are a few of the images that were shown that night. and while the images themselves look great, it's the way they were shot that is really impressive.
these are all shore break waves. there is no depth to their crash so if you get hit, you get hit hard. little basically waits in thigh high water and let's waves tower over him, click, click, click, gets the shot and then dives into the face of the wave so as to not be crushed. crazy, huh?
well, here are a few of the shots that he's captured. enjoy.

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