Thursday, August 13, 2009

best cousin ever

dude, alby mangels, my hero. check it. i've been asking my mom for this for christmas for the past decade. no joke. i started watching it in high school. thing was, to order it from australia it costs like $80 per dvd. i wasn't about to spend that hence the begging my mom for christmas. anyway, my amazing cousin julia has been living in australia for the past 9 months and when i heard that she was coming back for a visit i asked her to pick them up for me. $4. she got them for a measly $4. i love you juje. amazing. so stoked.


merkoneus said...

do they work?

Anonymous said...

Yes, do they work? So happy for you if they do as I really tried to find them. Love, Mombo

Sakkis said...

yup. they are open zone so they work fine. watched a little on friday. almost cried.