Tuesday, July 7, 2009

4th of July on the Kings River

the old man of the trip, 84, i believe. i believe the director of the trip caught him smoking pot in his tent and reprimanded him for not sharing.
during the day we'd hang at the main beach, listen to tunes and have dance parties and wrestling matches.

this is yuki riding the bull after he swam us all through bonzai!

yuki getting ready to gear our boat up.
guide pic. this is just before the four of us left to run bonsai! rapid.
after dinner on sat. night everyone proceeded to get absolutely trashed and touch unusually dirty parts of perfect strangers. that's duke rubbing kimo's foot, kimbo is rubbing jin's foot and jin is rubbing duke's foot. gross.
for app's on sat night we made flat bread and hummus and baba ganoush. damn it was good.
friends who shower together stay together. one bar of soap and about a dozen dirty river rats makes for great bonding.
this is the back of the van. we drove it for several miles on a dusty ass road that hadn't seen water in months. needless to say we all looked many shades of brown darker. that's duke and his son cody holding gear up.
this is maui living the thug life (keeping the dust out of his face).
and minsoo rocking the korean bandana.
yay, duckies!

my boat ate your boat for breakfast.
gearing up at the put in. woot. river time.

dance party. i think people were on things.
last night a dj saved my life.

chef boyardee.

daykin looking almost as dirty as what goes on inside his head. i've never been down the kings river before so luckily i had his daughter autumn in my boat. she's basically a river guide herself. she told me all about the rapids coming up and what to look out for. she was rad.
"circle up!! don't make me start rapping!" oh. god. no.
well, we back in the truck and guess what. more dust.

funny face-double chin.
duke, drinking a bud in the shade of a boat. i don't know what it is but this pic screams 'river life' at me. it's kinda perfect. you got yourself a baking sun, a cool beer, you just had a perfect day on the water. there's really nothing more you need.
oh yeah, i swam jin at rooster tail. there were three people trying to pull her in but the buckle of her pfd was stuck in a d ring. we ended up dragging her over some rocks. she was a trooper and laughed it off.
this morning a dj cured my hang over.
old yeller looking soggy.
this is the director of the program, paul. at first i thought he was a bit of a micro manager, kinda up tight and too controlling. i thought the same thing at the end of the trip but can't hold it against him cause he rocked this trip. just trying to wrap my brain around the logistics of getting 80+ people to a river, on a camp site with sound and fire and all kinds of permits, hiring a catering crew and organizing the music, dj's and gear gave me a headache. man, what a fine job this man did.
that's karin. pronounced car-in. she was in my boat. when i first met her she asked me all kinds of questions, who did i know? how did i get onto this trip? how many times had i been down this river? etc, etc. i gave her honest answers. i don't know any of these people. i've never seen this river before etc. etc. then the more questions she asked the more i started to milk it. i told her that i'd been hitch hiking up and down the coast of california and in the mountains. i said that this group picked me up for kicks and that we got around to talking about the trip. i told them that i grew up on the eel river up north to which they responded that they needed an extra guide. i said i'm sure i could manage and that was that. that's how i ended up here. karin got a little nervous but thought it was all very funny. on sunday morning, paul, the director comes up to me and asked, 'did you lie and tell someone that we picked you up hitch hiking?' i laughed and told him all about it. he said, 'man, that's a good one. i'll have to remember that.'
relaxing at the main beach.
uma, kickin back in my hammock.


Elisa Reed said...

Hey "James?" Thanks for your recap and pictures, love it!!

Yuki said...

It's not Bonsai. It was Banzai, you idiot!! hahaha.
Cool pics, buddy.
I need a copy of you and me!

Sakkis said...

damn it. i had bonzai and my computer spell checked it to bonsai. lame.

Ilana said...

Glad that someone was taking pictures to document this crazy circus!