Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yukihiro's Birthday Rafting Trip

This weekend we ran the South Fork of the American River for Yuki's annual birthday trip. It dumped on us and the water was higher than normal, about mid 3000's. Here are a few shots from the weekend.

Yuki and Tiff.

Yuki kept falling asleep in his chair.  

Someone warming their butt on the flame.

Wowski.  This kid was hilarious at first.  Three hours later and I almost socked him.  Yuki and he ended up scuffling in the grass and mud.  

Gratuitous group photo.

Tequila shots for Yuki's bday.

Rolling the boat at take out.

Me guiding some rapid.

Now Yuki guiding same rapid.

Lunch spot.


merkoneus said...

why'd you almost sock him?

Sakkis said...

he got too drunk and almost fell into the fire a bunch of times so we asked him to leave....several diff. times. eventually pat grabbed his shirt and dragged him back to camp. he came back. jumped on yuki and started hug/choking him. yuki elbowed him and took it to the ground. he came back later and i put my arm around him and said 'i'm only going to do this nicely once.' and then he ran away from me.

Yuki said...

This is awesome, James!!!
I love it!!

Thanks for coming!!