Friday, May 15, 2009


I'm hung over.  I played kickball and quite well.  I had a bottle of shiraz in my back pocket the whole time.  Soon we were on a blanket watching but not really watching Amelie.  Four or five more bottles of wine were consumed and I learned the very valuable lesson that dogs really are chick magnets.
We rode/walked to Benders.  I fell off my bike and put a whole in my favorite pair of pants as well as my knee skin.  I ate something spicy and fried that makes my rear feel fiery and sliced.  We got yelled at by an employee or just some angry guy for being in the back yard.  We all laughed at him.  
Pat, Justin, and I all chased Jesse home.  We were on bikes, he was on foot.  He ran the whole way.  I tried to let him ride my saddle while I stood and pedaled.  It didn't work the first time.  Or the fifth.  We did run into a lot of parked cars though.  
I got home and ate a bowl of creme of mushroom soup with some other stuff dumped into it and topped with a thick layer of sriracha.  
I somehow managed to have enough of my wits about me to plug in my phone.  
I slept naked in my sleeping bag.
It was a gassy night, I'm sure.

I just googled wowsers and here is what showed up.

Whose boobs are these?
Bush being pummeled by a cartoon character...or the worst mascot ever.
Can't you just feel it.
I think it would be incredible to have a med-to-large dog sized squirrel as a pet.  Both terrifying and cuddly.
There are two invisible Cambodian children being paid to tug at this guys ears.


Patrick said...

I feel like that bodybuilder guy's middle name has to be "oil can"

Sakkis said...

i keep calling him labronze james or williams or what ever that sports guy's name is.