Wednesday, May 27, 2009

more russian river fun

kelsey busted her lungs blowing up pool toys.  but she looked good doing it.
i think this is the last day.  we were all pretty haggard from the previous day and night.  i think half of us woke up burnt and the other half woke up hung over.  i still have a dividing line mid thigh.  lower half = red and hairy.  upper half = white.
Noelle looked like hulk hogan but rad.
lazy lazy lazy.
cat p looking dangerous.
cat's boobs were crazy.
hooray for hot tubs 
yes, my knuckles say asia turd.  it from a game.  it was fun.  alright i was drunk.
john and lauren stayed inside a lot.  i guess this is what they did.
the girls that made it all possible.  
cup cakes are just some of what happened... this kitchen.

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John Sakkis said...

cat's boobs were crazy.

that comment wins...