Wednesday, May 20, 2009

bday survival

today is my birthday and i was almost run down by a tow truck.  i was riding down post in the right hand lane.  as i was approaching the grant ave. no cars were coming.  the light was green.  there was a two truck in the center lane.  just to be clear there was a lane of parked cars to the left of me, the lane i was riding in, and the lane the tow truck was in.  there is another guarded lane along the park.  so as i was riding i was taking the lane due to all the foot traffic popping in and out of the street.  as i'm about to pass the driver side of the two truck, mind you the truck wasn't moving even though our light was green, he decides to rush through a right turn.  again, from the middle lane.  i start yelling "wo, wO, WO, HEEYY!!!"  and quickly speed in front of his car and  am forced to hop a curb.  he speeds off only to be stopped by a red light.  i ride up to his passenger side window and yell at him "how about using your blinker next time mother fucker!!"  to which his response was to gun it forward though the intersection.  I was pissed and shaken and didn't think to get the truck number or the plates.  wish i had.  

anyway, other than that it's been a great day.  woke up late.  did some pull ups.  ate breakfast.  went to the doctors for my regular std tests (this in no way means i'm worried.  it's just my standard test i get about three times a year) as well as a tb test (for a class i'm registering for).  I also had my back looked at.  it's been filled with battery acid for about six or seven years now.  i need a series of massages.  the doc and i then joked about going to the tl for this.  and now i'm at work.  we just had cake and wine and the day is coming to a close.  i'll end it with friends at my place.  some food, more wine and then bed...or should i say sleeping bag.

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