Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Song for the day.

Ok, so it's songs for they day but I think they are both kinda rad and so does Argentina and Chile.  They were on the radio and tv everyday.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

Is it me, or does short-haired Natalie Portman bear a striking resemblance (minus big mole on chin) to Sinead O'connor? I never noticed before.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

also, both sinead and the cure sound sleepy in these live versions. the studio versions have more punch.

and do they really play 8 minute long songs on the radio in south america? that'd never happen here.

Sakkis said...

Man they play what ever they want. It was great. It'd be the cure, then some amazing goucho music (south american country), then some beastie boys, then more goucho, then sinead. Thats how it is.