Thursday, April 30, 2009

some things you should know

i prefer sleeping in a sleeping bag rather than in a bed.  for the past week i have been sleeping in a sleeping bag.  i did laundry on monday so i have clean sheets and all.  my bed is even made up.  i just don't really like sleeping in it.  i went down to the storage area, pulled out my sleeping bag, and for a split second thought "am i really going to sleep like this?"  that answer was yes.  i've been sleeping that way for a week now and i am sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.  i'm a bit paranoid about what a girl might think of it but then i remember that i don't really care.  well, not enough to do any thing different anyways.    

Oh, and also, i am easily frustrated with laces that are obviously too long.


Anonymous said...

Does it make your back feel better? Mmbo

Sakkis said...

no. don't think so. i just prefer it. i hate sleeping in a gigantic bed. loose sheets, feet hanging off the edge. no bueno.