Monday, March 16, 2009

The weekend in review

Friday night was a big one.  Started drinking pretty early.  
The evening began at Truman's house where we hastily finished off our beers and headed into the streets of Soma looking for the Independent Porn Film Festival opening party.  We didn't find it.  Though we did find the worlds smallest theater made out of some construction paper and ply wood on an Minna and 7th or 8th, across from Bossa Nova.  It was $2 to go in.  I was the first.  It was a phone booth sized box with a window looking onto a stage.   A young man and women soon appeared with a picnic basket.  From the basket they pulled a cupcake and proceeded to top it with frosting, whip cream, sprinkles and a cherry.  All the time making eye contact with me and trying not to laugh.  When the cup cake was all topped and pretty they guy stands up, unbuckled his pants, turns around and puts his hands on the wall.  The girl then looks at me, winks and shoves the cup cake in his butt.  I was pretty drunk so I was laughing my ass off.  Out pops a head and says, "For $20 more you can see her eat it out of his crack."  I politely decline and step out of the theater thinking I've just seen the best thing I will see all month.  Truman and Pat go next while Steve, Erik and I go to Bossa Nova for a drink.  
After this we eventually find the porn party, which is actually a really lame discussion/panel thing type of event.  So we go back to Truman's for more beer.  Eventually 1:30 rolls around and we decide to go to a warehouse party where we dance and drink and talk to a bunch of strangers and drink and dance and run around like idiots.  We end up at Justin's house at around 7am and watch the worst movie ever, the new Indiana Jones.  I wake up on the couch, head home for a shower and then hop in my truck and head off to my parents house where we played a gay, Italian verson of scrabble.  Seriously, the letters I kept getting spelled things like sex, il homo, or oil him.  My mom used sex on the board and it was funny.  
I slept on the floor and ate pancakes in the morning and then drove back to the city with my brother.  Fixed my bike,  ate more food, and watched an episode of The Mighty Boosh.


Logan Ryan Smith said...

ha! this sounds like the basis of a good short story. or a creepy one, anyway.

this is not yr mom.

Sakkis said...

I'm confused about your post. did you?

Logan Ryan Smith said...

did i what?