Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This, I miss this.

Rucka Chuki Falls, Middle Fork American River
The jump.  Well, this I don't miss.  Actually I hated doing the jump.  It's time consuming, scary, and unnecessary.  Anyway, here are a few videos of what the jump entails and why I hated doing it.  

This is nuts.  There is an undercut rock right where he jumps.  I'd just hang.  The water will do it's thing and the boat will come eventually.  

By the way, in this next video you can see the name of the raft company on the boat,  All Outdoors.  We used to have a joke and call this company All Day Long because they were so slow down the river and especially at this portage.  When ever we'd run this river it was always our goal to get to the Chuck before them.

Here you get a better view of the jump one of these guides did right in front of that under cut rock.  You can see the water gushing into that rock wall where the rock slants downward.  Right where he jumps.  To hell with that.  

This is what I miss.   This is the biggest rapid I've ever run.  This is what I'll do if I ever get to go back to guiding professionally on the Middle Fork.  I've only gotten to huck the chuck once, that was on one of my last trips down the Middle Fork (MoFo) as a professional guide.  

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