Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Monday Night Fun

Last night was great.  I trained hard, well, kinda hard.  To reward myself I rode with Justin to Cafe Du Nord to try to catch tickets to the already sold out Matt & Kim show.  We got in line not expecting much but hoping for everything.  Our hope payed off as we picked off the last two tickets available.  Once inside and down stairs we made our way to the bar (for water) and bumped into Danny G.  After pounding a pitcher of water we wandered over to the pool table and met up with the rest of the crew, Cat P. and Kelsey R and a few others.  The show was A.Mazing.  At the beginning folks were just kinda dancing and there were these three bros who were the only rowdy ones.  A few songs in Danny G. turns to Cat P. and says, "We're going to start a mosh pit."  Kelsey R. and Danny G. head for the center and soon enough the crowd starts doing a little slamming.  Eventually everyone got so into it that people were crowd surfing, jumping, tossing their arms, , throwing water, bouncing, laughing, hugging and just plain ass hard dancing together.  It was supper fun.  Most dancey show I've been to in a while.  Thanks Matt & Kim.  

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