Friday, January 16, 2009

Street Meat

Seriously, why doesn't the Lower Haight or the Divis. Corridor a.k.a. I'll never call it NOPA have street vendors?  I'm not just talking the bacon wrapped hot dogs (which are total blegh unless you are like, ten or twelve deep) or the Tamale lady but anyone.  I want to get this thing going.  I think I'm going to start it off by starting a series of Sunday Stoop BBQs.  Highlights will be Loukanika (Greek Sausage with oregano and lemon), Corn (not in the husk, that's not how you do it, c'mon/with a butter and salt), pork ribs (dry rub, of coarse.  sauces are for the birds).  I may even start a gourmet BBQ pizza series using an almond flour crust, of coarse.  You just wait and see.  I'll show you how great street meat can be.  Come on by, toss something on and join in the gastro event of the year.

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BB said...

definitely down to start a stand with every other saturday or something? but do we serve brunch or hungover people? we'll do it gueriila style. and we'll make charctuerie, motherfucker. backchannel, I'm kind of serious.