Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Status report.

Hey there readers.  I'm not doing so hot.  What is an amazing week in American history is a crap week for me physically.  As you know, I volunteered in the bush on Monday clearing vines.  Well, it looks as though I may have been allergic to something out there.  I didn't see any poison oak, though my skin is telling me that I may have encountered some anyway.  The skin on my forearms is a bit pink, raised and itchy.  What's worse is that before I washed up I used the restroom.  You know what that means, right?  Well, if you don't then I'll tell you.  It means that while I was handling myself, aiming and what not, that the poison oak oil spread from my hands/clothes to my junk.  Yup, I am finally a member of the poison oak on the junk club.  It sucks.  I kept waking up scratching my...self.  If you've never had poison oak then let me try to describe what it feels like.  It feels like a bunch of electrically charged static-y hairs contained with in the walls of your skin, not under your skin, but between the outer wall and the inner wall.  As if your skin is composed of these tiny little hairs that are having a little rave and are dancing and jumping around and tickling and tingling.  The more you scratch, the more they dance.  Oh, they also seem to heat up with scratching too.  Like hot, hot.  Now cover your junk with that and try to sit at a desk like a normal person and not rip out the crotch of your pants and pour ice water on your...self.  I dare you.
Also, I seemed to have twisted my back in my sleep last night.  I woke up this morning and felt like two of my vertebra were fused together.  I can barely hold a pint of water out in front of me with out a sharp pain searing my upper back.  All this and The Walkmen show is tonight.  I've been looking forward to this show for a while now.  Hopefully it will take my mind off of my crap condition.  
Wish me luck readers.  


Magie said...

oh Jamsey, I had posion oak for the first time last year. I have scars on my forearms. I hope you and your...junkie feels better and is ok. And seriously, throw an icepack on it after work. Or will that much cold hurt it too? I dunno how it feels to have a junk.

Anonymous said...

Call your doctor and ask the name of that over the counter stuff we used to get you. YOU NEED IT!!! Wash your sheets also and anything else you touched. Remember to stay from anything that has 3 leaves. I feel for you. Love, Mombo