Monday, January 26, 2009

Old Salt

That's it.  I have decided.  I want to be able to charter and captain a boat by my 27th birthday (20.5.2009).  In June of 2008 I went through Basic Keelboat I & II with OCSC.  They are a great school, ranked very high.  One of the things I really liked about them was, well, there were many things I really like about them.  For one, they limit four people per boat.  That's 1 teacher for every 3 students.  Second is that they guarantee that you will get certified.  This means that if you don't pass upon completion of the coarse then they will continue to offer you free training sessions until you do pass or until you feel comfortable performing all of the skill sets.  
This is about a $900 dollar undertaking.  Fortunately I've quite drinking (for a short while longer) and have limited myself to $120 a week.  I should have enough saved up for a rainy day to make this expense more than manageable.  So, I'll see you out on the water.

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