Friday, January 16, 2009

Miami Bus Driver Charged in Hit-and-Run

Taken from the Miami Herald....

"'If he hadn't realized he hit the victim, we would have probably not 
charged him, but we have several witnesses' statements that say 
that they told him he had hit the bicyclist,'' Daddario said."

This was a statement given to a  Herald reporter by Sgt. Mike Daddario.  A police officer said this.  Do you think that if the bus had swiped a car or hit a pedestrian that he would be charged regardless of weather or not he realized he had hit something or someone?  This is generally how bicyclists are treated.  I've been charged at by vehicles.  Run off the road.  Side swiped.  And every time I've tried to call the police to report the driver, even if I had the license plate number, I was told by the officer on the other line that I could make the report but that they probably wouldn't do anything about it.  
So thanks.  Thanks for protecting and serving.  

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