Friday, January 9, 2009

I totally <3 China Town

Seriously, I love it.  A few things I love about China Town in no particular order....

1-Old Chinese people and their side walk snot rockets.
2-Old Chinese people and not knowing what do do when the side walk gets blocked.  Seriously, they just stand there, perk up, and then look back at the ground.
3-Cheap ass eats.  $3.50 for a big ol' plate of rice, chicken/pork and eggplant.
4-That they don't cut the fat and grisle off of their meat....and i eat it because it makes me feel like I'm in a different country, which I desperately need to feel right now.
5-Socks are so cheap.  And rad.  I think I might buy girls socks next time because they are prettier and more interesting.  
7-I'm also really into the way old Chinese men dress.  They are all dapper hats and button up shirts and flannels or wool sweater vests or v-neck pull overs.  I think I'm going to buy a flannel and a sweater.  
8-I like that pretty much anyone I bump into is forced to kiss my belly button.  Seriously, if you are anywhere near six feet tall then China Town has the best view and it also feels like you are walking around in a city of children.  Totally not racist.
9-I really like checking out the fish markets.  Especially the treys of dead skinned frogs.  They kind of look like Muscle Men from when we were a kid.  I imagine what they'd look like with a battle axe or a mace in their hands.  Super yoked legs and kind of mutanty.
10-I especially like wandering into odd stores.  You'd never be able to tell from the entrance but each and every store in China Town is magical.  The dimensions of the building are simply baffling.  If you look in from the street you can clearly see that the back of the store is six feet behind the counter, however upon entering you find that they is isle after isle of never ending useless nick nacks.  The best one yet was when I wandered into a butchers and walked straight back for probably three hundred yards until I came upon where they keep all the rare birds and animal parts.  They were glass rooms filled with qual eggs, chickens, cow feet, tails, and all kinds of magical fish.  It was very, very real and it smelled that way too.


John Sakkis said...

very good post. very real and it smells that way too...

Logan Ryan Smith said...

i can do without the snot rockets. the snot rockets make me sick and angry. people are fucking dirty animals.

Logan Ryan Smith said...

and i mean *all* people. myself excluded, of course.