Monday, December 8, 2008

My life in Fiji

I don't think I've seen this video before.  This is what my life consisted of while I was in Fiji.  Everyday, up at 5am, work on the water until 6pm, work in the office until 8 or 9pm and then off to the Sakora House for some Fiji Bitter beer with the boys.  
This video must have been done a while ago because all the boys had gotten good and fat by the time I arrived.  I miss my Fiji.  Maybe I'll make it back someday.

This is my friend Petero, also a Rivers Fiji guide, talking about hunting wild boar. This is particularly pleasing for me to watch because when Petero talks he usually lies about some thing.  It's not that he's lying, it's that he's stretching his story.  He's very clever in how he does this.  He'll stretch it to the very limit of your belief, but as soon as he sees a question mark in your eye he'll jump back into the truth.  I particularly liked talking with Petero because I learned to watch his eyes and his mouth when he talked.  Whenever he'd start stretching a story he'd get this glimmer in his eye and the corners of his mouth would tense from trying not to smile.  He's a very sneaky guy.

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