Thursday, December 4, 2008

Desk dance

Today has been a day of desk dancing.  
I did a little experiment over the holiday weekend.  I weighed myself Wednesday morning and came in at a decent 191lbs.  Well, I weighed myself again on Tuesday night and I came in at an amazing 204lbs.  That's a butt load of wait for just a few days.  I did eat like, a 23 Tday meals though.  
So anyway, this week has been a week of getting my body back.  I've been running a minimum of 2 miles a night plus a mild body weight workout (for which I got teased by a group of 12 or so ladies last night at Kezar hurts ladies, it really hurts).  Since Tuesday's 204 weigh in I have worked myself down to a 198 weigh in on Thursday morning.  I'm killing it.  
Because of this weeks health kick I have been sleeping way, way, way better than usual and waking up naturally around 7:30 a.m.-ish with loads of energy.  In my opinion this warrants desk dancing.  Thanks for listening.

1 comment:

what it is. said...

desk dancing, eh? can you give me a demo of what thay might look like?

i'm thinking hands in the air, heels anchored to the ground to achieve that swivel "my chair is grooving - but i'm really controlling it with my feets" look.

am i wrong?