Monday, November 17, 2008

This weekend in review.

James Bond/Daniel Craig is still my secret gay crush.

Me: "I'm at the Mint"
John: "Why?"
Me:  "You told me to meet you here."
John:  "What? Ok.  Well, we're at D-Structure.  Come here."
And then the dancing commenced and Steve thought he was just getting a lap dance in the dressing room until he was forced to give a half hour lap dance to a strange girl. 
Drinking tall boys of Tacate on Market and then being denied entry to The Mint because the bouncer saw us drinking down the street.  Lame. 
And then going back to D-Structure and having a blast.  
And then riding my bike home to put on deodorant because I smelled like venison but being heavily flirted with on the way out the door.
And then riding my bike really fast so that I could de stink and ride back really fast so that I could catch said girl still walking up the street and stop and say hello. 
And then not seeing her and being bummed until I saw her as I was locking up and her coming over and saying "Nice bike."  Best pick up ever.  
And then spending the rest of the night with her at the bar chatting and talking nonsense.
And then walking a really, really dunk Cat to my brothers house.

And then having all Saturday to spend with friends at the beach in the amazing 80 degree weather in the middle of November.  I love California and don't care too much for seasons...except spring and summer.  
Then it was time to nap up for my date with the girl from Friday.
And then drinking 2 tall boys of Newcastle on the walk to her house, courage, you know?  And then getting to her house and realizing I had already met one of her roommates like months ago and having that ease the potential weirdness.  It was more like we were just hanging out and drinking beer.  Then we were off to the Cigar Bar which was rad because it was, well, a cigar bar and there was an amazing Cuban band but it turned lame when the bathrooms turned into coke dens and then as the night wore on they turned into blood splattered coke dens.
But it was way tolerable because this girl is really cute and fun to talk to and amazing and engaging and witty and interesting.
And then off to Truman's house warming party where I probably talked too much because I was kind of on cloud 9 or whatever.
And then cuddling and kissing all night and then walking home in the morning and then sleeping all afternoon.

Cousins dinner was really rad, really filling and really warm.  I'm glad we're going to try to make it a regular thing.  I love my family.

And then telling you how I wrote this really fast at work and how I'm really excited to leave the office so I'm not going to spell check or re read or anything.  Take it.

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Sophia said...

eew, blood stains in the bathroom. gross.