Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The faces, oh the faces

Jay (East Coast)
John (Two Blocks)
Jesse (Two and  Half Blocks)
Britt (Mission)
Truman (Mission)
Megan (East Coast)
Illana (East Coast)
Kim (Now East Coast, Then Oak Grove, YV, Concord, etc.)
Steve (Western Addition (It's not called NOPA))
Dempsey (Concord, Western Addition)


sheepless said...

dude. im gonna try and grow a moustache for november.

its going to be epic.

epic i tell you.

Sakkis said...

For November. Is that the national mustache month or whatever? Maybe I'll do the same. We can gay out on our hairy upper lips.

daniel arnold said...

and jay. and megan.