Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because work is slow today

This morning I took the bus, I believe it was the number 7 Haight/Ferry Plaza bus.  Two buses had already passed, filled beyond capacity, at least in the front of the bus.  Those in the back had enough room to comfortably read their papers.  The bus I hopped on was an accordion bus and there were plenty of seats.  Only three cute girls and a mix of financial/thug/ogre types.  I stood the whole way.  I figure if I'm going to be forced to sit for 8 hours a day I'll stand when I can.  The bus ride was fine, though it made my right hand feel clammy and dirty.  These days I always ride with one hand in my pocket to make sure that I, at least, have one hand remain clean.  

Walking up Sansome I had KK Cafe's Croissantwich on my mind.  

Today at work I read lots of political posts and articles in between getting Woodbridge ads ready.  I have been training twice this week.  Tuesday and Wednesday.  About two hours each night.  This has left me feeling both exhausted and re energized.  I really, really enjoy hitting the bag.  Last night I really wanted to spar with some folks, work around in the ring, but no one was willing.  All this training has left my belly feeling like a bottomless pit.  No matter what I put in I am still craving.  I crave mostly meat.  Octopus and pork and lamb.  My craving was so intense on Tuesday night that while I was cooking a pork roast I splurged on a can of fried spam.  Yes.  Spam.  It was actually just what I was looking for.  Salty.  Porky.  Rectangular.  I mixed up a quick sauce of Sriracha, Mayonnaise, and some other smokey bbq sauce I picked up while visiting New Orleans.  Quite good.

This morning though I was out of luck.  There was no spam, lamb or croissantwich in sight.  Today, for breakfast, I ate a bowl of Bear Naked Fruit & Nut granola with some vanilla soy milk.  For a snack I had a heaping handful of cashews.  I love cashews.  For lunch I'd like to have a schawarma, lamb of coarse.  I doubt I'll find that.  I am thinking of trying out this new, hole in the wall, dirty looking gyro shop.  Who knows.  I'm hungry.  

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