Friday, August 8, 2008

This weekends adventure

Tonight Steve, Brenda, possibly my brother and I will be heading up to spend the night at Rivers Bend.  In the morning we will drive up towards Georgetown and on to Quintette.  We will park along the road and hike three miles down the canyon towards University Falls, aka Pilot Creek.  Splashes and laughter will ensue per the norm.  Then we will drive back that evening.  I will sleep like a baby on the drive back to Concord.  

About a half of an hour after I get dropped off in Concord I will be picked up by Emma and then we will drive right back up.  I was worried about this at first, but I think it will be better, I'll get a chance to nap on the drive down and be relatively fresh (mentally, def. not physically.  I will most definitely stink.)  We will probably sleep in the bed of my truck somewhere along a back road out of sight.  The sun will warm our faces and lure us out of bed.  Eventually we will make our way to Henningson Lotus Park to teach Buddy how to swim.  
I am so, so, so in need of some sun and water and beer and lazy heat.

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