Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This weekend at University Falls (a.k.a. Pilots Creek)

Here are some pics of one of my favorite swimming holes.  University falls is a series of three, or four if you are daring, cascading granite water slides/falls.  The water is brisk so don't even bother with that morning coffee.  

The view from above.

Best buds Steve, Brenda and I.

Me sliding down the fourth pool (it's about a ten foot slide and a ten foot drop into a hot tub sized pool....but be careful as that tub flows into a large waterfall).  A side note: don't try this pool in early spring or early summer.  Wait for the flow of the water to die down a little bit.  Earlier this May a young girl died on this slide when she slipped over the edge.

Me climbing the rope up the slippery slope out of the fourth pool.

Don't worry mom.


emma said...

SCARY!! I don't like it when you do that one (insert pointing finger of disapproval here)

Anonymous said...

Ha, don't worry! Are you kidding me. Be truly careful and not a daredevil. Emma, you keep inserting that pointing finger at the kid. But keep having fun! Mom

John Sakkis said...

how come mom never comments on my page? so sad...