Thursday, May 22, 2008


Morning weight: 192.8 lbs.

Well, my birthday has come and gone, sort of.  The day actually slipped by this past Tuesday.  What a shitty day to have a birthday on.  Tuesdays are even worse than Mondays.  Anyway, it slipped by with out a peep.  I planned nothing, I did nothing, and I enjoyed doing nothing.  Emma and I had a sleepy night watching movies from bed and snuggling up with some blankets and pillows.
Emma already gave me her present and it is probably the coolest present I have ever gotten.  She signed me up for sailing instruction and certification with OCSC Sailing.  I think Emma just one the best girlfriend of the year award, thank you very much.  
This weekend I will be heading out to Concord to spend some time with my folks and siblings and to celebrate my birthday again.  I cannot wait to hang out in the kitchen with my Mom.  For years I have been her prep cook/sous chef.  We are having lamb shanks, spanakopita, pastitsio, horiatiki salata, garlic bread, beer/wine, and who knows what else.  I love to eat.  
So there you go.

Oh yes, Greece, the countdown starts today.  Well, it should have started yesterday, the 21st.  So here we go...

In 10...9...

I figured I'd do two to make up for the late start. 


Anonymous said...

#1. I love your morning weight
#2. Happy Birthday!
#3. I love you, you stinker.
#4. Damn you!

(which just means I'm jealous of your trip to Greece)

(I mean really? who doesn't want to go to Greece?!)

<3 S.s.

shasta daisy said...

Have a wonderful safe.
Happy Birthday too...