Friday, May 2, 2008

Bits and pieces

Just a couple of things.

First off, if you are looking to try a new dish, either as a main or as an app. then look into this. I am completely addicted.

Secondly, I am now back into the 180's.  188.3 lbs to be exact.  Unfortunately, however, this is due in part to a recent bout with a bit of food poisoning.  I eat in China Town often and have never had a problem, until Wednesday night.  I had a chicken thigh and drum stick.  It looked fine, although I'm sure it had been siting out for, well, for a really, really long time.  Whatever, I was hungry, so I dug in.  It tasted fine after I picked off all the fatty parts and the skin, delicious actually.  But that night, sometime between four and five a.m. I awoke to what can only be described as icy intestines, cramps, and flashes of cold and hot sweats.  My belly was gurgling and my forehead beaded.  I tossed and turned for a couple of hours between consciousness and complete oblivion.  I spent the better part of that morning in the bathroom hugging my knees.  I called in to work to let them know what condition I was in and that I would try to make it in later that afternoon, tummy permitting.  My tummy did not permit.  Every fifteen minutes or so I was making a dash to the bathroom.  My head pounding, my stomach churning, and my whole body freaking out and turning into swamp thing.  By noon my bed was as sloppy, damp, cold, painful place to be.  I lost consciousness somewhere between one and two p.m. only to awake at 7 ish in a heap of soaking wet blankets.  Around 9 p.m. Emma came over to try to nurse me back to health.  She made me a fruit smoothie and cradled my head while she watched My Girl.  I, on the other hand couldn't handle the bright light and fast movements so I lay my head on her chest and listened to her heart beat while dozing in and out.  I took some NyQuil and eventually fell asleep.  
I woke up this morning feeling a bit better, a lot skinnier, and a lot weaker.  I haven't eaten real food since Wednesday night.  Currently, I am running on a glass of fruit smoothie and a cliff bar.  I have a whole chicken and veggies that I roasted on Wednesday night that I can't even think about, much less attempt to eat.  

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