Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Yelapa, Mexico: Pre Trip

Morning weight:  194 lbs.
I guess I didn't really stick to my plan or my work outs so I can't complain about not being under 190 lbs. for my Mexican adventure.

Anyway, I am packed and all set to go.  I will be walking out of my office in approx. one hour.  I have my shorts, my flip flops, some shirts, toiletries, goggles, fins, snorkel, and some band aids, and most importantly, my straw beach hat.  Me, a tourist!??  No, never.  I think I am all set.  
So anyway, tonight is going to be a long night.  I leave the ground at approximately 8:30 pm and then touch down again once in Los Angeles, just before 10:00pm, once in Mexico City, just before 6:00 am, and then at our final destination of Puerto Vallarta.  From here we will need to find a taxi to take us to Los Muertos Pier where we will need to find our way on to one of several water taxi's. 
Where we get dropped of is apparently a little ways down the beach from the dock and I have been informed that we wont have the luxury of a dock.  No, we will be going directly from the boat, into the water, onto the beach, waving goodbye and thanks, and walking into the jungle to our accommodations.
I packed a journal, several magazines, and a book.  Hopefully I will have time to record the happenings each evening.  I am imagining a wonderfully relaxing vacation filled with hikes, swimming holes, waterfalls, snorkeling, maybe some surfing and hopefully some sailing.  This is based on what I have heard at least.   
I'll see you when I get back, hopefully I'll be a little browner, a little more rested, focused and refreshed.  Keep the Bay Area warm for me. 

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Have a wonderful time!