Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Back to the Grind

Morning weight:  196 lbs.

Well, this is my first day back in windy, foggy, chilly, San Francisco and I must say, my body doesn't like it.  I woke up today and looked at my closet and thought to myself 'Do I really have to put on all these clothes??'.  For the last week I have been living out of my shorts, flip flops, sun glasses and a straw hat.  Nothing more but often times less, much less.  I put on pants and a shirt yesterday for the first time.  I hated every constricted second of it.  Damn it!!!  I need to live some where tropical.  
I now have the opportunity to entertain myself with the task of finding ways not to loose my tan, and how to keep fit for my upcoming trip to the Mother land, Greece.
Journal entries will be arriving shortly.

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a little something to tide you over..


Love C.c.L