Tuesday, March 4, 2008


Lets try not to be such a fat bastard today, shall we.

Morning weight: 195 lbs. surprisingly.

Breakfast: Same old granola and soy milk (approx. 250 cal)

Lunch: Roast chicken thigh and drum stick with roasted veggies.

Afternoon whatever: Jog up the Coit Tower stairs (there are something like 446 of them)

Snack: Girl Scout cookies. Those green little sugar pushers.

Dinner: 2 egg frittata with sauteed onions, spinach, sun dried tomato's and feta

Evening workout: Decline bench sit ups with medicine ball, hanging leg raises, bicep curls, pull ups, tricep push downs, 5 rounds jump rope, 4 rounds Thai pads, hold four rounds Thai pads for my partner, 1 round leg kick pad, jumping lunges, sit ups and push ups.

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