Thursday, March 6, 2008


Morning weight: 192.5

Breakfast: Grans and yo, what else?? (300 cal)

Lunch: Something with my Mom, don't know yet but I'll tell you when I get back.
Update: I'm back. Oh damn. I just had a full on Chinese feast. The wait staff, yes it took more than one person to bring all of our food, kept saying "Too much food. You order too much food." I think it embarrassed my mom a little bit, but what ever, I now have food for a few days. We ate pork and veggie buns, sweet pork loins, wan tan soup, seaweed fish wraps, minced pork wrapped in egg noodle, lamb (I think they included the esophagus, which, if you've been reading since my Fiji blogs, isn't a big deal), crap dumplings, rice with sausage and pork wrapped in lotus leaves, and some other stuff that I couldn't identify.

DInner: I really want to make these ribs but I keep getting home too late. Damn it, damn it, I want these ribs. Update: After that lunch, I don't think I'll want those ribs any more.

Will I be able to do my evening work out??? We'll see after the jump.....just kidding, there are no jumps on this blog. I just kinda like saying 'after the jump'. But really, we will see if I can roll my lardy butt to training.

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