Friday, March 14, 2008

Things you probably would have been better off not knowing.

This morning I woke up and weighed myself. The scale showed 195.2, which is about 6 or seven pounds above where I'd like to be. But then I thought to myself; "I haven't done my morning duty." So I hop back on the scale post duty and weigh myself again, guess what the scale shows this time...192. Hooray.

Issue number two, numero dos, dio. Well, lately I have been fighting off this cold. It has kept me from training all week. It's not bad, I just have a slight runny nose in the mornings and evenings and I feel a bit tired. The part that really gets me though, is this damn cough. It's a dry cough that hits heavy in the evening and even heavier in the mornings. For the past four or five mornings I have been waking up and feeling like my throat has turned into beef jerky. It literally feels like I have been eating sand and inhaling the desert. Out of pure frustration I have been, while in the shower, spending a lot of time and effort trying to relieve this frustration by coughing like crazy. It didn't help the first time, but then yesterday and today something weird happened. I started coughing up these little bits of flem or something. It felt like cartilage. They were hard and white and damn painful to cough up. Anyway, it seems that I may be beating this thing as my energy level is up today and the cough is becoming looser.

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