Monday, March 31, 2008

My weekend

Mellow Friday night. Some folks went over to Emma's new place to watch a movie, we decided on Zodiac. We didn't end up putting it on until a little after 11 p.m. so needless to say I was out just after midnight. God I'm getting old.
I slept in on Saturday, regardless of my training plans. My sister picked me up and drove me to the East Bay for my Dad's birthday. It was really nice to hang with my parents. My Dad beat me in Foosball for the first time in like, five years or so. We ate lots and lots of good lamb, spanakopita, grilled eggplant, skordalia, Greek salad, and other delicious goodies that my Mom has perfected over the years. For desert we had chocolate cake, which I actually waited to eat for breakfast instead, and peanut butter and chocolate ice cream. MMMMMMMHHHHMMMM.
Anyway, that night I had more Becky dreams and woke up in the middle of the night. I was crying and felt like I was being strangled. It was weird.
Sunday I got my taxes done...looking forward to using the money I get back for my trip to Greece. Sunday was also Emma's 2nd dirty-flirty-thirtieth birthday celebration in DP. There was pinatas, BBQ, candy, cake, shotgunning beer, blankets, presents and good times all around. Sunday night was another mellow one. Emma and I decided to spend the evening cuddled up on the sofa with a Mr. Eddie Murphy. Once it was time for sleep we went to my house with Buddy and passed out. I woke up this morning with Buddy curled by my side of the bed and something someone had fed him at the BBQ laying at the foot of the bed, his usual spot. It was pretty nasty and I could tell he was feeling guilty/ashamed as well as still feeling a little bit sick. Poor guy and thanks Emma for being a champ and taking care of it.
That's it, that is my weekend update.

Things to look forward to:
Training at the end of each day

Rafting at the end of this week

Mexico at the end of this month

My beautiful girl every single day.

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