Monday, March 10, 2008

My lord, what a weekend...

Emma turns____ and I show her how much I love her by eating and drinking everything in sight. Really though, What an amazing weekend. It was Emma's birthday weekend, so I wanted it to be special.
Friday night we had a cozy night of snuggling on her couch and watching the last episode of Magnum p.i. This was followed by even more snuggles and some weird dreams.
Saturday morning it was rise and shine bright and early. Emma, unfortunately had to go to work, but luckily only for a couple of clients. While she was gone, I re-watched some Magnum and cleaned house a little bit. I then went on a wonderfully long walk with Budrick. I had a few errands to run and he needed to poo so away we went. I had a full day planned for Emma and I so I picked up some lunch from a Mediterranean restaurant on my way back to her place. I also picked up these dreamily delicious truffles from a cafe near my favorite bike shop. I got four because one just isn't enough. When she got home lunch was all arranged and ready to be devoured, which it was.
From her I told her to pack an overnight bag and to get ready to be pampered. We took a cab downtown to a nice little day spa where we were greeted with a glass of wine. Two sweet looking asian women came out to get us and we were escorted to a lovely part of the building that smelled like flowers and was all candle lit and everything. There we were made to get naked and put on these big, white, fluffy robes. From here we were taken to another room, separately of coarse. I was told to get naked and lie face down. The next two hours were divine. I was rubbed down for one hour with a salt scrub. When I say rubbed down I mean rubbed down. Head to toe, front to back and a little in between too. I felt a little weird when she started to rub my legs down. When she got to my upper thigh and butt she took the sheet that was covering my bits and shoved it into my butt crack. She did it just like I'd imagine she would tuck in her kids. Both hands, fingers stiff, and shove.
Anyway, after this I took a shower. I was kind of confused for a bit. I couldn't get the soap off of my skin. Finally I realized that it wasn't soap, it was that the salt scrub had made me so silky smooth that my skin felt like butter. I couldn't stop touching myself. From the shower it was onto the massage table where a girl with milky hands would caress my body for the next hour. Needless to say we left there floating. From here we caught a cab up to Sutter and Gough. I had made a reservation for dinner and a room at Cafe/hotel Majestic. I had no idea what we were in store for. We dropped our bags in our room and headed for the bar. Vodka and wine ensued. May I just take this moment to tell you how much I love much.
Soon our table was ready. We were seated in a cozy corner surrounded by old couples and a family (who was soon to be replaced by six old couples, all of which were utterly adorable). Wine and oysters to start. Followed by a mid meal soup of something delicious with something else delicious in it (raw salmon), followed by entree's of (hers) seared ono with oven dried tomatoes and basil, (his) pork loin wrapped in bacon and smothered in something dreamy. Followed by...Oh hell, I was tipsy and practically unconscious from all the body rubbing and wine that all I can remember is that it was so damn good. We were brought little tastes of everything in between coarses and Amy, our server would bring out a different glass of wine for each plate. A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
We went back up to the room with some more wine and took a wonderful bath. We had plans to play battle ship but those plans were switched with others.
In the morning we walked for what seemed like miles and miles, oh, wait, it was miles and miles. What the hell do you have to do in San Francisco to catch a cab on a Sunday??? Anyway, Sunday was filled with laying down, spooning on the couch, shopping, eating, mimosa's, walking, riding bikes, more truffles, more snuggling and more Magnum p.i.
I beautiful weekend for a beautiful girl.


magie said...

Do me a favor. Give your mom a hug for me...
...because your momma raised you perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Don't blank out my birthday year, makes me feel like 30 is old or something.

And your mom did raise you perfectly!!! Best birthday ever, you're a wonderful boyfriend to me.

<3, Cafe con Leche

Sakkis said...

I've been yelled at one too many times for revealing a person's age and now I get yelled at for not revealing it. Girls, get it together.

Kay said...

She's 27, that's a damn fine age. ;)