Tuesday, March 18, 2008

My Ideal Day

This is what I'd love for my days itinerary to look like...

6:30- Wake up. (I am working towards this, however this is proving harder than it seems)
6:45-7:30- Stretch and run around the hood.
7:30-8:15- Greek lessons.
8:15- Shower.
8:50- Bike to work.
5:30- Outta work and on my bike on my way to Fairtex.
5:45-6:30- Warm up and weights.
6:30-8:30- Muay Thai
9:00-10:45 At home doing Greek lessons/playing with Emma/reading.
11pm-... Cuddling with my GF.

And then I'd love to wake up and do it all over again.


j u l i a z o e said...

1. thats a really cute daily schedule, and very productive. i fully support each time slot!
2. are your mexico dates/locations set for sure? if so, when/where?
3. diving is amazing. we will dive together in this life time.
4. umm, when i come home (may-ish) im looking for a good neighborhood, and yours sounds mighty cozy!!

love you cuz.

Sakkis said...

Not sure when you'd look back here so I'll post it in several areas. We fly out on the 22nd and return on the 28th. We are flying into Puerto Vallarta and then taking a water taxi to Yelapa.