Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have nothing else to write about, so...

I will tell you about what I ate today so far.

Breakfast: 1 soft boiled egg topped with some sriracha

Have you tried the garlic one yet??? It's so, so, so good.

Lunch: Our office manager put in an order for more cereal/granola bars/cookies and other assorted goodies from Kashi but Kellog's, Kashi's parent company, decided to send us two giant boxes of veggie sausage burgers. So, since they are taking up space in the freezer I figured I'd chip in and eat some. So for lunch put me down for 4 veggie sausage burger patties. I might be going back for more.

Looks enticing doesn't it.

Snack: Lets see, for a snack I've had two little vanilla lemon cookies. Probably could have done with out those but really, when was the last time you saw me refuse free food??

Dinner: Who knows?? I'll probably end up eating what ever they are serving at the EDF (Environmental Defense Fund) office open house party.

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