Tuesday, March 11, 2008

down and out....for the time being

I am feeling a bit under the weather right now. I don't know if it is this damn cough that I am still trying to fight off, or the weather or, I don't know. I am just feeling really unmotivated. I haven't gone to training since last Thursday. I've been eating like crazy. I have been spending way too much money on food.
That's it. This week I am getting back on my spending schedule, $120/week.
I am getting back on my eating schedule.
I am going to start running at 7:00 a.m. everyday....maybe.
My energy is lagging and I need to do something to stimulate my brain. Now that the weather is getting better I have sailing on the brain. To me, there is nothing better than learning a good hard skill. Excuse me while I tute my own horn for a second, I need it. Here is a short list of the hard skills I have learned: Greek Dancing, Muay Thai, Rafting, Knots, Bouldering, Scuba Diving, Swift Water Rescue, Wilderness First Aid, and CPR.
When ever I get down on myself my Dad would always find a way to get me back on top. If I was hurt or bummed or sad he would usually play and joke and hug and tickle me. Of coarse I hated him for the first minute but eventually he would get me laughing hysterically again. Or when ever I was showing any signs of giving up he would always remind me about how I never thought I would learn to tie my shoe laces. He always goes back to that example, I don't know, I guess I had a really hard time with that. Anyway, this has been a rant, a reminiscence and completely devoid of focus. Well, I'm off now.

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shasta daisy said...

Might be the time change too.