Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy suck....and stop saying VDay.

So, lame subject lines aside. I absolutely cannot stand Valentines day. I think I am a sweet enough boyfriend that I don't need some fucking crap holiday in the middle of winter to slap me in the face with its icy hand and point out how I have been slipping up...because I haven't. So fuck you Valentines Day.
Valentines Day is for middle American frat boys and girls who have juicy written on their butts.

That said, Emma and I do have a wonderful little weekend ahead of us. We have a cabin rented in Jenner. The cabin is quite beautiful. It sits up on the hillside and overlooks a canyon and the RR estuary (where the Russian River meets the Pacific). Beautiful rolling hills, coast line and sea as far as the eye can see. Just the two of us, lots of fruit, wine, champagne, food, and a hot tub. See you on Monday suckers.

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